Wednesday, 29 July 2009

We organise Jewish Speed Dating around the world, UK, US, Israel, and France.

Why Speed Dating?
We are all busy people. We sometimes work long hours and all the people we meet are work colleagues or friends of our friends.

What if we want to take a leap beyond that circle of acquaintances?
Speed dating offers a chance to meet new people
and have a 7 minutes date with each one.
It is a fair way of saying no to someone without offending him or her.
It's a cool way of having a selection of people to choose from and say YES to the potentially right one.

Meet up to 15 different potential partners in a single night.If you believe your eyesight and not a picture on a computer then you should sign in for the next event and try your luck.


  1. Its nice to go somewhere and be able to talk to lovely jewish females . The more people that go jewish speed dating the better . Even if you dont meet someone , its a nice way to spend the Evening . And unless you try , you will never no.


  2. I agree with Stephen. It's quite hard to find single Jewish males and females so events like this are a great way to facilitate this. I recently attended a speed dating London event earlier in the month and had a great evening and I'm still talking to someone I met there.

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